Which portal days are there?

Discover the magic of the Portal Days. The Portal Days are part of a fascinating phenomenon that occurs periodically in the universe. These are days when the energetic vibrations on Earth open in a special way, allowing a powerful stream of universal energy to pass through. Each year there will be a number of these portal days again to look forward to!

What you can feel during one of the gate days

On a Portal Day, the surrounding energy is more intense, and we can connect more deeply with our higher selves and the spiritual realm. It is a time of heightened awareness, insight and transformation. An opportunity to release old patterns, set new intentions and experience spiritual growth.

All portal days in a row

But which days exactly are the Portal Days? Here is a list of some important dates:

1) January 1 – This day marks the beginning of the new year and brings with it a fresh energy. It is an excellent time to do intention setting and visualization exercises, and align yourself with the energy you want to manifest in the coming year. In a personal Vedic birth chart reading, I will share with you what you may focus on in 2024. And on the 22nd of December 2023, I will host an Online Year-End Cacao & Business Vision Board Workshop. This may support your intention setting process by heart.

2) February 11 – Known as the Lion’s Gate, this date opens a powerful energy gateway for spiritual growth and self-expression. It is an invitation to embrace your inner strength and let your true self come out.

3) May 21 – This day marks the beginning of the sign of Gemini and brings with it an energy of communication, connection and curiosity. It’s an auspicious time to express yourself, make new connections and explore other perspectives.

4) August 8 – The Lion’s Gate repeats on this day, once again bringing a powerful energy of creativity and leadership. It’s a time to let your inner fire burn and follow your passion. During this day, you can do a Lion’s Activation Meditation in combination with the Value Journaling E-book.

5) November 11 – This day is known as the 11:11 Gate and represents an opening to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual transformation. It is an invitation to trust your intuition and find your higher purpose.

6) December 12 – This day is known as the 12:12 Gate. 12-12 is considered a master number that represents spiritual enlightenment and the attainment of higher consciousness. The number 12 also has a symbolic meaning in many traditions. Such as the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 disciples of Jesus, and so on. This symbolism reinforces the idea of ​​a significant and transformative energetic event. This portal day asks you to connect with your deepest desires. On 12-12 you can practice my 12-12 Inner Desire Meditation.

Prepare for 2024.

If you want clarity on your karmic path in 2024, I am happy to guide you in a Vedic Astrology consult. It will give you insights on all aspects in your life. Work, personal growth, relationships, business, love life, friendships. How to spend your time and what to focus on. You will also gather insights about your personality based on your birth chart.

How can you get through portal days well?

How can you take full advantage of these Gate Days? It is important to put yourself in a state of receptivity and to consciously tune in to the surrounding energy. You can do this through meditation, breathing exercises, visualizations or rituals that resonate with you.

You can also set intentions during these Portal Days and visualize them as already happening. The universe is extra sensitive to your thoughts and intentions during this time, so use this opportunity to manifest your dreams and goals.

Take care of yourself!

It is also important to take good care of yourself during these intensive energetic periods. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and listen to your body’s signals.

The Portal Days in 2023 promise to be a period of growth, awareness and magic. By tuning in to the energy available, you can support yourself and your path to personal evolution. So take advantage of these special days and step into the energy of transformation and possibilities!

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