The Black Madonna in France

The Black Madonna has been given the name black because the statues and works of art are made of wood that has aged, or it is painted in that color. You often see that the Madonna also wears clothes or veils made of lace in the artwork. In this blog, you can read more about this Black Goddess in France and its Spiritual meaning.

Who or what is the Black Madonna?

The Black Madonna is a work of art of a woman with a child with a ball, which can be found in various places of power in the world. You can find this Goddess in different places and was taken and placed by Templar around the same time. A black goddess who appeared in various forms. It is therefore not about a person, but also reflects various other fertility, mother and earth goddesses. Think of Isis and Kali. And so a number of black goddesses have been named.

Where to find Black Madonna in France

In France, most of this Black Goddess were placed on the power spots in the same period and all have the same shape. You can read here where various Black Madonnas are on the list. There is also one Madonna in Rocamadour. A visit to this city can be nicely combined with a Private Back to Nature Retreat with me in the Lot. Ask about the possibilities, and we will organize the week according to your needs.

Find the Black Goddess in Rocamadour

Rocamadour is one of the pilgrimage cities in France. Here you will find the Black Madonna. Rocamadour literally means ‘Rock of Amadour’. Sint Amadour used to choose this place as a place of residence. It is a special city on a rock. From the medieval village a path leads up to the church where the Black Madonna can be found. Many pilgrims come to Rocamadour for the tomb of Saint Amadour and the Black Madonna.

In addition to the holy place, it is also a stage of the Route de Santiago de Compostela.

Rocamadour is a special place where you really walk and feel the history.

Spiritual meaning

The Black Madonna really means ‘I am black, but lovely’. Or the dark is pregnant with the light. For the Polish people, it represents an image of freedom. In France, the Madonna is associated with Mary Magdalene. Maria was her daughter.

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