Early Black Friday deals and a spiritual note

Black Friday is around the corner and this is the time early Black Friday deals are launched. At this moment, you can buy your presents for the feast days with big discounts. But not only presents are wise to buy now. If you are smart, you buy what you need often and take in some stock for a cheaper price. Or if you need to do investments for your business at the end of the year, this might be a good timing. In this article, I share some interesting early Black Friday deals and how you can look at it from a spiritual perspective.

Early Black Friday deals

Early Black Friday deals are deals that come before Black Friday. This is discounts which are already excellent. But on Black Friday itself, the discounts are really high! A good period to buy a new phone, laptop or any other big investments. The bigger websites like Amazon have excellent Black Friday deals at the moment. From electronica to yoga clothing and goodies for in your home.

What are the best early Black Friday deals?

If you are looking for the best early Black Friday deals, you must think about what you really need. From a spiritual perspective, we need more and more. But is this really the case? In my opinion, this timing of the year is a good timing to buy investments for your business like a laptop, iPad or any other business related goods that must be bought to be smart for your administration.

In my opinion, it is smart to invest in things which normally cost a lot and which you can buy now for way less. And because it is at the end of the year, it is wise to think what you need to invest in for your business.

Black Friday from a spiritual perspective

Since Black Friday is a massive event based on material stuff, it is really good to be aware of what you really need. And in case of gifts, what the other needs. No one will get happy with a house full of stuff which isn’t used or will be used only a few times. So sit for a moment with yourself and think wisely. What do I need to invest in this year? And what do I don’t need around me? Because sometimes you can be really overwhelmed by all the deals that take your attention. It might let you feel you need it. But choose wisely.

A book about minimalism can really support you in the process of learning not to get attached to all kind of stuff. But more to which is really important.

Buying material stuff or a retreat?

Black Friday is a period people spend a lot of money on material stuff. But most of the time, people seek a feeling of fulfillment. So what is really filling your soul? During my Private Back to Nature Retreats in the South of France, I learn people to meet their own needs based on their natural rhythm. Connected to nature. Because we as human are nature. And by the world of materialism and masculine energy, we sometimes forget how connected we are to nature and how disconnected we can be.

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