As we bid adieu to autumn and fully immerse ourselves in the crisp vibes of November. The skies have a celestial treat in store for us. The full moon of November 27, 2023 in Taurus accompanied by the powerful nakshatra (lunar mansion) known as Krittika is set to cast its enchanting influence upon the world. Get ready to embrace the transformative energies that this cosmic event brings forth. As we delve into the significance of the Full Moon in Taurus and Nakshatra Krittika. I use the calculations of Vedic Astrology. Which is a bit different from western astrology. More feminine. Less connected to the material world.

Full Moon November 2023 in Taurus

The Taurus full moon is a time that encourages you to focus on stability, grounding, and cultivating a deep sense of security. Taurus, being an earth sign, reminds you to connect with nature. To be present in your surroundings, and to nurture yourself. This energy invites you to explore your relationship with abundance, both in terms of material wealth and inner peace.

The meaning of full moon in the nakshatra of Krittika and Taurus

When the full moon aligns with the fierce nakshatra of Krittika, it intensifies the themes of transformation and inner fire. Krittika, associated with the element of fire, bestows its radiant and passionate energy upon you. It ignites your inner strength, propelling you forward to face challenges with courage and determination.

During this auspicious time, it is essential to reflect upon your desires, goals, and aspirations. The Taurus full moon in conjunction with Krittika urges you to analyze your values and how they align with your actions. Are you living in alignment with your true self? Are your choices rooted in authenticity and integrity? These lunar energies empower you to make conscious decisions that serve your highest good.

Be aware of material attachments

It’s also a time to be mindful of our material attachments. Taurus, being an earth sign, invites you to appreciate the beauty and abundance around us. However, it also prompts you to assess whether your attachments to material possessions are impeding your growth. And inhibiting your journey towards spiritual evolution. Embrace this full moon as an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you. Clearing a path for new beginnings and growth.

With the raw power of Krittika’s fire and Taurus’ solid, grounding energy. November’s full moon beckons you to tap into your inner power, revealing your true potential. It reminds you that in order to manifest your dreams and desires, you must trust your capabilities and take bold steps forward.

Time to ground yourself during the full moon of November 2023

As you bask in the luminosity of the Full Moon in Taurus and Nakshatra Krittika. Take a moment to connect with the earth beneath your feet. Ground yourself and reflect upon your core values, channeling your inner fire towards nurturing relationships, pursuing meaningful pursuits, and embodying a sense of stability and authenticity. Allow these energies to guide you towards personal growth and the realization of your dreams. My Full Moon Cacao & Rite of The Womb Ceremony can support you in this process. Or, I love to guide you towards your desires in a 1:1 session with yoga & breathwork. Online or in person here in France. I also offer Vedic astrology consults to give you more clarity on your strengths and goals.


Remember, each lunar event carries a unique and individual essence. Embrace the energies of November’s Full Moon and Nakshatra alignment, and let it ignite the fires of transformation within you. Embrace the wisdom of Taurus and Krittika, and set forth on a path that resonates with your heart’s true desires. May this lunar event bring you a sense of clarity, purpose, and fulfillment as you move forward on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

If you wish to receive more insights on your personal journey, I am happy to write out your vedic birth chart for you. You can receive this only in PDF or request with a coaching session. Use code ‘yinwithjoyce’ to receive 20% discount on your reading in November.

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