Yoni Egg Yellow Jade with Palo Santo


The yellow jade yoni egg brings harmony, purity, gives a feeling of connection with one’s own self and thus gives inner peace. It provides the connection between mind and body, reveals universal wisdom and provides insight into the dream world. The gemstone brings abundance to the sexual level and allows the wearer to experience and express sexual feelings better.

This yellow gemstone protects against injury, negative influences and is said to ensure a smooth pregnancy. It counteracts lability and furthermore has a good influence on; difficulty letting go, problems with the adrenal glands and kidneys, childbirth, problems with the hips, hot flashes, fluid balance, the spleen, rheumatic pains, fertility problems, bladder complaints, stomach problems, sinusitis, infections, knee problems, menopause, eye diseases, indigestion, bedwetting.

You can make a little ritual for yourself before starting your practice. Palo santo will support you to clear the space you are in and the energy around you. Light up some candles. And create some time for yourself.

Practices with a yoni egg can be done:
– in the bedroom
– during a shower session
– or a walk outside

In the beginning it is best to start no longer than 10 minutes with the yoni egg.

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