Super New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022

A new year. A clean slate. The moon will shift to its new moon phase on January 2, 2022 at 7:35 PM. This new moon is a Super New Moon. The new moon phase is the period in which you can turn inward and feel what you want to manifest for yourself in the near future. This year is all about Love and Selfcare. What do you want to make space for? In this blog you can read all about the energy of the new moon in Capricorn and what you can do to give space to your intentions.

The meaning of the zodiac sign Capricorn

Capricorns are disciplined types. This is a welcome characteristic at the start of this new year. Discipline for your new intentions. A Capricorn is terrestrial and connected to the earth element.

Furthermore, Capricorns are smart, determined and intelligent. Characteristics of a Capricorn are also perfectionism and overambitious. If life is not so pleasant, they may lose heart connection or become greedy. Therefore, take the time to turn inward.

Feel where your intrinsic motivation comes from. Let go, give space to the flow of life. This heals your heart and lets you sink into the energy of this winter. The water element. Water and earth are inextricably linked. Where there is water there is earth and where there is earth there is water. Water element softens the stiff earth. Also called the stubborn of the Capricorn.

Rituals you can practice during the new moon

The new moon is a period in which one silently returns to oneself. To feel. Capricorns are generally good listeners, but showing their own emotions is sometimes difficult. Allow yourself to soften. Feel what lies beneath the tightness. When you connect with your intuition, you can sink into feeling and emotion.

Walking in the nature

Walking in nature is a great method to come to yourself in silence. Take a walk alone. Be curious about new paths and notice what beauty nature has to offer. What does it bring about in you? Barefoot walking helps ground even more. You may find it a bit cold now, but even now it is nice to put your feet on the cold earth every now and then.

Dipping in natural water

Dipping in natural water has many advantages. It gives your immune system a boost. In addition, you immediately produce happiness hormones endorphins and dopamine. This will make you feel happier. When you dip in natural water, you are fully connected in the here and now. With your breath. Your body. It is super important to be completely present in your body and to feel. Focus on your breathing. Inhale into your lower abdomen and exhale for a long time. Focus on the beauty of nature. The water. The animals around you. Above all, keep feeling good what is happening in your body. Enough is enough.

After dipping it is important to let your inner heater work by itself. Therefore, take some time to warm up with vigorous movements. Then dress warmly. You will notice if you do this more often, your inner heater itself will work by itself more quickly.


Breathwork is a beautiful method to connect with the earthly element of the Capricorn. By grounding you come into connection with your emotions and feelings. Furthermore, the earth element is associated with safety. Coming home. Do you feel safe in yourself? Or do you often look outside yourself for safety? Take the space to feel completely safe within yourself with everything you feel. Find your own focus and resting point. This is really a characteristic of the Capricorn. calm. Find peace in yourself.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is also a great method to connect deeply with what you feel in your body. We unconsciously store emotions in the body, which can lead to stagnations in energy. With yin yoga we work in a stretch towards a release and deepening. This can cause shifts in your body.

Grounding yin yoga practices to give space to the pelvic area. In addition to grounding exercises, it is also nice to give space to the entire back of the body, which is connected to the water element. The moon affects our bodies because we are made up of more than 70% water. This may make you feel more sensitive during the new moon and full moon. During the new moon especially quiet and calm. The need to turn inward. During the full moon you may feel awake and restless. This is especially the period of celebration. During the new moon it is a great time to feel what you want to manifest and celebrate during the full moon. You don’t have to think hard about it. You may feel a drop. Answers will then come to you automatically.


Create space and time to journal. Write about what you feel. What you want to manifest in 2022. You can write from your heart. Everything is good. Don’t be small. But give space to those big dreams you have. It’s time to give it space.

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