Follow your own breathing rhythm

After doing several yoga teacher trainings, movement therapy trainings and breathing courses I realized that it is all bringing us back to our own breathing rhythm. Movement. Breathing. Releasing. The rhythm that I was searching for years. When I was younger. In my revalidation period after my car accident and nowadays still in all the information, activities and exercises that is coming to us. The most important thing is connecting with who you really are. With your emotions. With your feelings. With your core values. Connecting with your own breathing rhythm and keep following this rhythm.

Connective tissue & emotions

We store unconsciously emotions in our bodies. When we look at this from TCM (chinese medicine) we can connect emotions to our organs and body parts. When there is an imbalance in a meridian, this is seen in physical or mental disorders. Emotions get stuck in the connective tissue, organs and muscles. Most of the time this is because we don’t want to feel it. Or have trauma’s, behaviour and patterns that stagnate the ability to release emotions and trauma’s.

The body get’s used to certain behaviour when we experience trauma. When we want to release emotions related to the trauma, it is important to make space for new behaviour. New patterns. We can do this with yoga to really feel what is rising up in the body. What we feel. Breathwork supports in releasing the shit that is stuck in body parts, but also in the mind. It’s unconditionally connected. Journaling / Behavioural journaling is also a way to release and process old behaviour into new behaviour. It takes time. To flow into new habits. To let the body & mind know that it is safe to feel. That it is safe to be.

Yoga & Breathwork

There are several yoga styles. And several forms of breathwork. In the end it all goes back to the old ancient wisdom of yoga and pranayama. From India. Where it is originally founded. But I believe in the magic of every human. Every human has their own needs, their own rhythm. Their own style. We can all learn from each other.

Yin yoga for example is a perfect way to go really deep in the connective tissue. I always use this in breathwork sessions as well since this supports people to feel what is going on in the body. Nowadays it is difficult for people to connect with their bodies since we live in an information age. There is a lot of information coming to us.

Value Journaling

One of the most interesting tools that I use is value journaling. It is based on the whole circle of your life. Personal, Family, Financial, Leisure, Personal Growth. This brings to mind what is important in your life. After a yoga / breathwork session this is an interesting tool to connect with the deeper meaning of the feelings that you feel. The purpose that fullfills your heart. What is bringing you really back to life.

Knowing your values brings you back to your essence. This makes it easier to follow your own breathing rhythm. Are you ready to connect with the version of you who you really are in your essence? Book a free discovery call or read more about the 1:1 guidance sessions in which you get to know your values.

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