Womb wisdom is a powerful way of healing. Healing trauma’s from the past that we carry with us from before being birthed by our mothers. Did you know that you was already there when your mother was carried in the womb of her mother? From this perspective we can carry trauma’s from the women’s line. From our grandmothers our mothers. In this blog I will explain a little bit more about womb wisdom.

Power of the grounding energies of the womb

Grounding energies are held within the womb. Where we connect with our deepest form of creation which is called life. But did you know that the womb is also the place where we can connect with feminine soft energy, flow, creativity, deep stillness and visualisation? It is super powerful to flow from a deeply rooted womb space. Grounding deeply within ourselves gives us the feeling of feeling home within ourselves. Not in a specific place. It is us. Our bodies that give us a place to live in.

Many human beings have forgotten the deep healing power of the womb space. From where we are birthed. When we connect deep inside with the root in our bodies, we connect with the source of life. The source of inspiration, creativity, softness, feminine, nourishing and grounding energies.

How to connect with the womb

Breathing is a very easy way to connect with your womb space. In my 1:1 guidance I love to guide you back home into your womb. Your sacred space for creativity and nourishment.

There is also an ancient ritual from the jungle that is been given from woman to woman for many years now. It is called ‘The Rite of The Womb’. This Ritual let women connect with their womb space. Where many of us hold emotional trauma, pain and stagnation.

The 13th Rite is a gift to yourself. The energy of the initiation, which is both a healing and a blessing, reactivates the feminine power.

The collective feminine energy has been denied, suppressed and abused for centuries. Often we also carry (consciously and/or unconsciously) a lot of pain and sorrow from our mothers and grandmothers or even injuries from other lives… Or have we suffered an injury in this life, as a result of which the feminine power was largely lost .

Now, however, the time has come for every woman to remember who she really is. Full of power, but also soft, loving and wise.

The Rite of the Womb is very powerful and gently brings your womb of creation into a natural balance so that your sense of self-confidence and self-esteem will flow again.
A healing, a blessing, a rebirth of the strong, loving essence of your womanhood. The ritual heals you and allows you to be reborn in beauty, strength and dignity.

There is a line of women who have freed themselves from suffering. This women’s line wants to remind us of the following:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is a place of creation and birth of life.

The female spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and essential truth:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is a place of creation and birth of life.

This women’s line has given us through the wisdom of the jungle the gift of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: the Rite of the Womb. This Rite of the Munay-Ki is separate from the other 9 Munay-Ki initiations and can therefore be received completely separately.

Benefits of Womb Work

Connecting with the womb and healing trauma from the womb supports us as woman to ground deeply in ourselves, open up to creativity, feminine flow, living from love and ease, connecting with mothering nourishment. Finding your way home in your soft feminine energy. This will let you flow more easily through life. Personally and Business Wise.

Even men have an energetic womb. So this womb related work is not only limited to women. Men are also carried in the womb and are invited to release pain from the past. In the connection with the mother line.

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