When you get stuck in your mind and can no longer come up with creative ideas, it is important that you take the space to come to yourself. Creativity comes from within. If you do not take the space to feel what value you possess, it will not find a way out. A creative process takes time. Give yourself this time too. Considering your own health, you often get more done than just going on the express train. In this blog, I will share 3 ways to increase your creativity.

3 ways to increase creativity

Calm down

Is everything you do still in line with your core values? This is an important question to ask yourself when you no longer have a natural creative flow. Creativity arises from flow. Flow arises from clear core values and feminine energy. Take time to identify your core values and soften yourself. By doing less from have to. Go more into relaxation and see where your intrinsic motivation is coming from. The value journaling workbook is a helpful tool to clarify your core values. You make your core values ​​SMART, and then you work them out in the bullseye so that you see what you can still work on. In your personal situation, work, personal development, finances etc. I created this workbook to start in after Breathwork session.

Take the time to breathe consciously

Take time to breathe. By feeling what is going on inside you, you give yourself the space to feel what your creative source is. By turning inwards, we often come to the most magical creations. You then create from your intuition. Your feeling. You can do this with breathing techniques, breathwork sessions and more. In the 1-on-1 sessions, I often also guide entrepreneurs in order to regain peace and focus in their company. They get inspiration to create again and feel familiar and calm.

Move outside in nature

Take the time to get enough exercise. By walking in nature, running or cycling, you also give your mind the space to let creative ideas come to you. It may flow again from relaxation. By moving outside in nature, you often get new ideas. Let it come to you too. There’s no point in forcing it.

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