Inner healing journey with the breath

A journey that began thousands of years ago.

one breath

An Eva

A Jesus

A buddha

The breath is our only natural tool that can lead us to healing and relief. It is the only natural tool and part of us that stands by us every second. Together with the heart. Sometimes we forget that the breath belongs to us. That we may listen to it. The inner healing journey you can make with your breath is magical. In this blog I will tell you how to become aware of your breath again.

Here and now

Here and now means that you are fully present in the moment. Here with your body, with every breath, every step. You do not engage in double activities but experience the here and now consciously. Every second that your heart is beating. Every second that your breath continues. Here and now you can be by observing the trees, plants and flowers in nature or by walking attentively.

The breath and the body

Breathing is our inner healing medicine. Breathing is what is often forgotten in the new age. We are disappearing into a digital age. We are busy and we have to be everywhere. While the only thing that really counts is the breath. The breath, the body and nature are all that are continuously in the moment. In the rhythm of the natural cycle.

The breath is our own medicine. Many people go to a doctor very quickly for a quick fix. Because they are busy. But the only cure is to slow down. Be aware of the breath. Feel what the body indicates and indicate space there by practicing mindfulness. This can be in the form of mindfulness (sitting or lying down), deep stretching (yoga) or intensive sport. Everything where the breath gets time to regulate and the body gets time to discharge stress hormones.

When you get your hands on these tools and know how to work with them, you have gold in your hands. Basically the gold you already own. You probably just forgot that you already have it and how to use it. In my lessons and coaching I teach you to integrate these tools back into your life.

Energy field and connection

When you are able to use the breath in a meditative way, you can enter the energy field of the here and now. A deep connection with yourself, nature and the people around you. Real presence. This provides peace, relaxation and freedom. Completely letting go and feeling connected to everything around you doesn’t have to be an art. You can practice it. Experience what it does to your mind and body to float in the energy field of the here and now. In my meditations I let you relax and you will sink deep into your body. A deep journey where you eventually get rid of everything that has to be done. Simply present in the here and now.

Do you want to learn more about the power of conscious breathing? Feel welcome to book a 1:1 guidance session with me. Or listen to one of my free meditations on Soundcloud:

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