The power of Yin Yoga, Rolfing and Breathwork for deep relaxation and healing

In our busy and demanding world, it is sometimes difficult to take the time to relax and recover. Fortunately, there are several methods that can help create inner peace. And promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being. In this blog we will talk about the power of Yin Yoga, Rolfing and Breathwork. And how they can work together to achieve deep relaxation and healing.

Yin Yoga, Rolfing and Breathwork

Yin Yoga

In contrast to the dynamic and active forms of yoga, yin yoga focuses on the deeper connective tissue of the body. Practicing Yin Yoga involves holding poses for long periods of time (2-5 minutes or longer). To release tension in the muscles and work deeper into the joints, tendons and ligaments. This stimulates the flow of energy (also called Qi). Through the meridians of the body and restores balance in the body and mind. Yin Yoga not only helps increase flexibility and improve mobility. But also in releasing blockages and promoting deep relaxation.


Rolfing is a form of deep connective tissue massage that aims to restore balance, alignment and flexibility in the body. It works with the connective tissue (also called fascia) that surrounds all the muscles, bones and organs in the body. By using gentle, yet deep manipulation techniques, Rolfing helps release stored tension. Postural compensations. And traumas in the connective tissue. This not only makes room for better posture and movement. But it also stimulates the flow of energy in the body and helps release emotional blockages.


Breathwork, in combination with Yin Yoga and Rolfing, can have a profound impact on our well-being. By consciously paying attention to your breathing and using specific breathing techniques, you can not only reduce tension and stress in the body, but also release emotions and promote mental clarity. Breathwork has a direct impact on our autonomic nervous system, allowing us to switch from ‘fight-or-flight’ mode to ‘rest-and-recovery’ mode. This promotes relaxation, regeneration and healing in the body and mind.

Cold training

Breathwork plays an important role in managing rest in cold training. Cold training has many benefits. Jeroen will take you through this during the retreat in the South of France.

Transformation through combination of yin yoga, rolfing and breathwork

By merging Yin Yoga, Rolfing and Breathwork we can create a powerful approach to relaxation, healing and transformation. Carefully performing Yin Yoga helps open and relax the body, while Rolfing provides deep tissue release and restores alignment. Practicing focused breathing exercises helps us to center, release emotions and dive deep into relaxation. Together they form a holistic approach to wellness and can be used as powerful tools to strengthen the connection with our body, our emotions and our inner peace.

Back to your inner nature retreat with yin yoga, rolfing and breathwork

So, why wait? Book the Back to your inner nature retreat from October 4-9 in the South of France. Experience how Yin Yoga, Rolfing session and different breathing techniques can help you. Discover the power of these methods and give yourself the time and space to relax, heal and balance. You deserve it!

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