On March 2, the new moon shifts to the water sign of Pisces. Pisces are dreamers. It’s the perfect time to turn inward and connect with the bigger picture. What’s going on around you? How do you want to be part of this? It is a period in which you can face your fears and take new steps from there. Turn your fear into strength. That brings you magic in life.

The meaning of the zodiac sign Pisces

The Pisces zodiac sign is a water sign. They are generally dreamy figures. spiritually. They can wander wildly into their own fantasy world. Pisces is the spiritual sign in the zodiac. This may explain better why they can be so dreamy.

They are sensitive, but also very creative. They are also patient types and often get along well with all types of people. They always know how to make things right. Out of patience and surrender. Fish can bring about many changes in our world. From feeling and intuition.

Rituals you can practice during the new moon

New moon is a period in which you can turn inward and consciously feel what your direction is going to be. It is not the time to take ‘action’ but to feel what your direction is going to be. Meditate, practice breathwork, move. It brings you inwards and connects you with your intuition. Your inner voice.

The Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book contains practices for each moon phase, journal space and information about the entire lunar cycle. New moon is a great time to start this. You can reuse the e-book every lunar cycle. You can print it or write about it yourself in your own journal.

You are also welcome to book a 1:1 guidance session in which we can focus on your goals, dreams etc. Business wise and personally. We will dive into the sacral area where life starts, where intuition flows and where your magic ideas come to life. It’s time to go inwards dear. To open up your body to more fluidity.

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