Full Moon in Libra on the 16th of April 2022

Each month the moon shifts to her full moon phase. In April, this will happen on April 16 at 8:57 PM. Full moon is often a period when people sleep worse, feel more restless and are more emotional. This is because the moon, like the oceans, also influences us as humans. We also consist of more than 70% water. In this blog I will tell you more about the full moon in Libra. What this period means and how you can get through this period well.

During the full moon, the moon is directly opposite the sun which is currently in the constellation Aries. Aries is a fire sign. Libra is an air sign. Aries and Libra, on the other hand, are polar opposites.

Aries is a fiery sign, takes his place and stands fiery for who he or she is. The libra, on the other hand, finds it more difficult to take his or her place in this world and takes into account people around them faster.

Energy full moon in Libra

During this full moon it is the invitation to take your space and rest. What do you feel the need for without outside influence? What is your need at the moment?

Take the time to reflect. It’s a great time to take a closer look at your relationships. Do these people still suit you? Or do you always try to keep things cozy, which may be at the expense of your own energy?

Full moon is a period of celebration. Celebrating successes. But also a time to let go. Think of projects, relationships, your job, stuff, etc. You can take the space for this and observe what makes you happy and what gnaws at you. What you want to let go, you can let go in love.

Support in letting go during full moon

In Joyce Mol’s Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book you will find yin yoga and journaling practices for each moon phase. Even for the full moon. You can use this e-book every moon phase for your reflection moments.

You can also join the guided Full Moon Meditation & Breathing session for this full moon. You can practice to this in your own time. A wonderful moment for yourself in which you can let go in complete surrender. Relaxation for your body. Deep grounding. Truly coming home to yourself.

Cocoa Bliss Flow Ceremony during the waning moon

During the waning moon on April 22, Joyce Mol and Melanie Genssler will give a Cacao Bliss Flow Ceremony in the studio in Alkmaar. During this afternoon they will take you on a deep inner journey with Cacao & Truffle Microdosing, Breathwork, Yoga Inspired Dance & Soundhealing. Feel welcome to participate so that you feel full room for new manifestations during the new moon.

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