Heart Opening Practices

The heart knows the way. When we take time to breathe consciously through the heart and let this land into the pelvis. We are arriving home within ourselves. Letting go of the ego mind and landing into your heart space supports you to live your life fully from a Heart Centered Space. In this article I will share several practices to open your heart & ground it deeply within yourself.

Heart Centered Breathing

Breathing consciously into your heart space will allow you to feel what emotions are arising from within and supports you to connect with your heart & soul feelings. Take time to do this every day. For example in the morning or in the evening before sleeping. Or during the day to land from the mind into the heart space again.

We can live in our minds while deep feeling happens in the body & heart space. Most important is to ground your heart centered soul feelings. Breathing through the belly into the pelvis as well. To feel centered. Grounded.

Heart Centered Meditation

Meditations in which we connect with the heart will support us to grow awareness around the heart. The emotions that we feel into that space.

Heart Opening Yoga Practices

Heart Opening Yoga Practices will make it physical. Feeling it physical in the body. Awareness around the heart space. Breathing space. Opening up to a passionate living.

Changing the posture of the body to a more Heart Open state will support the feeling into each cell of the body, mind & soul.

Journaling from the Heart

Journaling is free writing. When we take time to write freely from the heart. Without thinking how it should be or look like. We connect with the true message from the heart. Deep whisperings from the heart are messages from the true self.

Take time to start with 10 minutes of journaling from the heart.

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