Full Blood Moon in Scorpio on May 16

On May 16, the moon will shift to its full moon phase in scorpion at 6:15AM. Also known as the blood moon, this full moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse. Full moon in scorpio is a deeply felt full moon. A period of transformation and facing your shadow sides. So you can create space for lightness. Because this full moon falls during a full blood moon and lunar eclipse, this full moon is extra powerful.

The moon shines light on our emotions and feelings. During the full moon we enter a phase in which space is created for letting go. We celebrate successes. We let go of what we no longer need. It’s mostly about how you react to the world around you. What is important to you. What do you feel the need for. This full blood moon supports you to face your shadow sides and secrets and let them shine into the light.

Scorpions in the light of this full moon

Scorpios can be feisty signs. Whether you have this as a zodiac sign or as an ascendant. You have it in you in both cases. Scorpions are known as strategic creatures. Are full of their passion when they are passionate about something and have a lot of perseverance.

The full moon in Scorpio is one of the most powerful full moons of the year. This is a moment in which deep transformations are taking place that are life changing. You really let go of what, who and where you no longer want to carry with you. These can be intense moments of change when you need some space and time for yourself.

Illuminating the lunar eclipse and shadows

During this full blood moon in scorpion, there is also a lunar eclipse. This creates the red glow on the moon. Just like the moon, your shadow sides are brought into the light. You can honestly look at your shadow sides. With compassion and love. By confronting your shadow sides, you create space for your deepest desires. Your passion. So that you can really start living from your pure essence. Without fear. With trust.

During this full moon I want to motivate you to turn inward and feel which deep desires may be given space. So that you can connect with yourself in your light. Trust that the path you want to walk. Take space to discover what is coming to you on this path.

Full Moon Breath, Yin & Intention class

On May 16, I will host a Full Moon Breath, Yin & Intention class from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM in the morning and in the evening from 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM via zoom in which I take you on a grounding journey within. During this journey you connect with your true essence. In which your desires, dreams and passion will get space. Feel and experience without hindrance which secret qualities are hidden in you.

Can’t be there live in the morning or evening? Then sign up anyway. I’ll send you the recording afterwards.

Breathwork and yin yoga helps you sink back into your body. This will help you sleep better. You clearly know what your focus is and you will also feel what you want to create space for. Full moon is a period of letting go. This is also the focus of this class. With compassion towards yourself.


Next New Moon & Full Moon classes

Monday 30 May: New Moon Cacao, breath, yin & intention class (online) 9AM – 10.15
Tuesday 14 June: Full Moon Rite of the Womb (online) 7PM – 10PM
Wednesday 29 June: New Moon Cacao, breath, yin & intention class (online) 10AM – 11.30AM

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